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Personal stories

Ireana – how HOLG helped after her husband’s accident

Published by Caroline, 25 Feb 2020

When Ireana’s husband suffered a head injury in 2012, although he survived, the damage to his brain was so severe that he will never be the same person again. The sense of loss felt by Ireana and her daughters for the husband and father they loved has been overwhelming. HOLG continues to support them – […]

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Kathy – coping after suicide

Published by Caroline, 17 Feb 2020

The death of a loved one to suicide can be especially traumatic and difficult to understand, particularly for children. When Kathy’s ex-husband, Gary, took his own life, she found it hard to know how to explain his death to their two children, Matilda, 9 and Finley, 7, and help them cope. Here she tells us […]

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Charlotte – living without her mum

Published by Caroline, 17 Feb 2020

Two and a half years after her mum died, Charlotte jumped out of a plane (with Amanda Holden) – to honour one of her mum’s wishes. Here, she tells her story of what happened when her mum died, how she found HOLG and how we helped her to grieve. Charlotte was just 14 when her […]

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Oscar and his mum Leigh – their story

Published by Caroline, 28 Jan 2019

Meet Oscar and his mum Leigh, who have shared their story of what a big difference our bereavement weekends made to their lives. Leigh’s son Oscar was just two months away from his third birthday when his dad died, just 12 weeks after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Oscar’s uncle, Leigh’s brother had also died […]

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