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Holding On Letting Go

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Case Studies

Casey (age 15)

Published by Caroline, 17 Jan 2017

Casey (age 15) whose Grandfather had died suddenly and unexpectedly had been excluded from school and was rarely attending her Pupil Referral Unit. Following attendance on a HOLG weekend Claire returned to sit GCSEs in her mainstream school and is about to begin an apprenticeship in hairdressing.

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Ella (age 13)

Published by Caroline, 3 Dec 2016

Ella (age 13) lives with her Grandmother who is her legal guardian. Recently her father has been released from prison and lives with them. Ella rarely sees her mother, who has substance abuse issues, or her younger sister. She has experienced multiple bereavements in the past three years including an aunt and a cousin who […]

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Kyle (age 7) and Polly (age 6)

Published by Ess, 6 Oct 2016

Kyle (age 7) and Polly (age 6) live with their father following the death of their mother in April 2015. When the home assessment visit was carried out, both children found it difficult to talk about what had happened to them and were very reserved and shy. Dad was worried that they were holding in […]

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Curtis (age 7)

Published by Caroline, 6 Aug 2016

Curtis (age 7) lived with his mother and step-father. In their care he was subject to physical abuse and neglect and witnessed drug use. His maternal great grandparents died in 2014. Shortly after their deaths Curtis moved to live with his father and then his paternal grandparents, this has meant him attending 3 different schools. […]

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