Help and Support

Bereavement support to help children through their grief

Support for the whole family to cope with bereavement

Often, the children we support at HOLG are grieving after the death of their mum, dad, grandparents, a sibling or a friend.

It might be someone outside of the family or close friendship circle. If a child is affected by a death in any way, we are here to support them and you, as much or as little as they need.

It could just be a phone call – it could be more; we will offer the most suitable help as and when you need it.

Sometimes, more than one person in their family has died or there are sudden and traumatic circumstances surrounding the death, such as suicide, a road accident or murder.

Our support helps the child through bereavement – whatever the circumstances.

Helping the grown-ups to help the children

Since the adults around them are also grieving, children can often feel unable to express their feelings or talk about their loved one or their sadness.

Sometimes, if they see their parents are upset, they don’t want to further upset them and so they might not share their own feelings.

Some may not know how to support children through the grieving process, and there’s no reason why they should; it’s not something we prepare for.

But we can prepare you and help you if the death is expected, through illness, for example, and also support you after a death too, either immediately or later, if the child is not managing the bereavement as well as you would like.

Family support

Our main focus is the children and young people but we work very closely with families and carers to support the whole family unit, giving support and guidance to parents and carers too.

Take a look to see how we can help you, a loved one or a friend. It’s easy to make a referral and our services are entirely free.