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What not to say to a grieving child and their family

Published by Caroline, 18 Nov 2019

This week is Children’s Grief Awareness Week UK – which puts a focus on children across the country taking on this very grown-up emotion.
It’s sometimes hard to know what to say, you don’t want to say nothing but you also don’t want to say the wrong thing or cause any upset.

Here are a few tips on what NOT to say to a child or their family if they are bereaved – all have been said to the families we support.

🚫 Are you looking forward to Christmas?

🚫 At least he/ she lived for xxx number of weeks/months/years

🚫 He/ she is in a better place

🚫 There is a reason for everything

🚫 It has been a year, aren’t you over it yet?

🚫 You are young enough you can still have another child

🚫 God wanted a special angel

🚫 I know how you feel

🚫 They did what she came here to do and it was time to go

🚫 Be strong

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