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Refer a Child

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Referral process

We accept referrals from health and social care agencies and schools. You are also welcome to refer yourself if you are a child or young person.

Referral form

referral-pdf↓ download referral form

You can either email it to the office at or print out a copy and post it to:


Referring someone

If you are referring as a concerned professional, please discuss the referral with the child, young person, their parents/carers, and obtain their consent.

Referring yourself

If you are a child or young person, you can refer yourself and we will respond as quickly as we are able.

Once we have received the referral form you will receive an acknowledgement of the referral. You will be sent another form to complete which provides important information to enable us to support you in the best way possible.

Assessment visit

When the form is completed, you will be contacted by telephone for a further discussion or to arrange an assessment visit. This is an opportunity to meet with the child, young person and parents and carers to discuss what the programme has to offer you as a family. It is a really important time for you to provide more information about your concerns and how the bereavement has affected the family. This visit can take about one hour.

The assessment may highlight that another service is more appropriate to the needs of the child, young person and family and an alternative referral for support may be advised.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the assessment further please call us on 07568 706698.

Personal stories

My story – by Julien Lawton

Published by Caroline, 6 Jul 2021

My story is quite a simple story. My life was as normal as most; I was happily married to Sara and we had three children; five-year-old Harrison, four-year-old Amelia and had just been blessed with our third, Gracie. It was whilst breastfeeding Gracie that Sara discovered a lump and was feeling lethargic. After much to-ing […]

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Ireana – how HOLG helped after her husband’s accident

Published by Caroline, 25 Feb 2020

When Ireana’s husband suffered a head injury in 2012, although he survived, the damage to his brain was so severe that he will never be the same person again. The sense of loss felt by Ireana and her daughters for the husband and father they loved has been overwhelming. HOLG continues to support them – […]

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Kathy – coping after suicide

Published by Caroline, 17 Feb 2020

The death of a loved one to suicide can be especially traumatic and difficult to understand, particularly for children. When Kathy’s ex-husband, Gary, took his own life, she found it hard to know how to explain his death to their two children, Matilda, 9 and Finley, 7, and help them cope. Here she tells us […]

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Charlotte – living without her mum

Published by Caroline, 17 Feb 2020

Two and a half years after her mum died, Charlotte jumped out of a plane (with Amanda Holden) – to honour one of her mum’s wishes. Here, she tells her story of what happened when her mum died, how she found HOLG and how we helped her to grieve. Charlotte was just 14 when her […]

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Oscar and his mum Leigh – their story

Published by Caroline, 28 Jan 2019

Meet Oscar and his mum Leigh, who have shared their story of what a big difference our bereavement weekends made to their lives. Leigh’s son Oscar was just two months away from his third birthday when his dad died, just 12 weeks after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Oscar’s uncle, Leigh’s brother had also died […]

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Meet Kate – our youngest trustee

Published by Caroline, 28 Jan 2019

Six years after coming to us for support, Kate Trevelyan joined us as a volunteer and is now one of our Trustees. Here’s her story of how she came to be giving children the support she herself had. Kate’s journey with Holding On Letting Go started when she was 14, when her mum suddenly died […]

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Remembering Imogen – with fun at the colour run

Published by Caroline, 25 Jan 2019

We often step in to help families dealing with grief. Parents who lose a child are often struggling so much with their own grief that they are unable to guide their surviving children through it too. This was the story of the Champion family when their one-year-old Imogen died suddenly. Mum Emily recalls the help […]

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Samuel’s story

Published by Jane Cornwall, 2 Feb 2017

by Jane Cornwell The sudden and unexpected death of my father left us as a family in a state of shock and devastation. He had been in hospital for 2 weeks and the day of his death it had been agreed that he could come home for a few hours, with the view of coming home […]

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Meet Matt, one of our wonderful volunteers

Published by Caroline, 18 Nov 2016

Holding On Letting Go would like you to meet Matt, one of our wonderful volunteers who works alongside a child at our support weekends. We are always happy to welcome new helpers, if you would like to find out more about volunteering opportunities and how you can get involved please call or email us. Here […]

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