Our amazing team of volunteers allows us to help all of the families we do. Without them, we simply would not be able to help as many bereaved children and their families as we can.

Each volunteer brings something different to HOLG, whether that be a background in bereavement or care, fundraising skills, organisation skills, or passion and energy!

We have a role for everyone; just let us know how much time you have to give and we will find you something to do!

Even if you only have an hour or two, please do get in touch – we have many roles to choose from that will help us to deliver our services - just like these wonderful volunteers:

  • Liz – volunteers her time at our bereavement support weekends, working in the kitchen making sure everyone is fed and watered. The children often say they love the food and treats at our weekends.

  • Linda - provides admin assistance in our office, inputting information from referral enquiry forms, and typing up the certificates given to the children at the end of each weekend. Linda also helps put together materials for the craft activities.

  • Sue - one of our longest serving volunteers, Sue has taken on varying roles including supporting children at schools, helping out on a 1-to-1 basis at bereavement weekends, and working at our neonatal death groups with families whose baby has died before or shortly after birth.

  • Donna - started out working in the kitchen, before moving on to supporting children at our bereavement support weekends. Donna often leads some of the many activities at the weekends too, including ' the telling of the story' where she shares her own experiences of bereavement to help the children, in turn, share theirs.

  • Paula - a former NHS nurse, Paula retrained as a bereavement counsellor when she retired. She helps HOLG by supporting the older children at our bereavement weekends, and finds the creative activities very useful for helping them to communicate.

  • Melanie - discovered HOLG through her work in children's wellbeing. She supports children at our bereavement weekends, and is with them on a 1-to-1 basis throughout all of the fun arts and crafts activities, music therapy and anger workshops.


Roles include:

  • Fundraising assistance at events

  • Grief support

  • Administration

  • Catering

  • Domestic activities

  • Driving / transport We give our volunteers all the initial training they need, plus ongoing training and wellbeing support too.

If you’re interested in finding out more:

  • Give us a ring

  • Send us an email

  • Download or fill out the form below

  • Write to us